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Welcome to fitness@flagstaff

  1. fitness@flagstaff is an outdoor personal training group based at Flagstaff Hill.

  2. fitness@flagstaff is a fun way to get fit, tone up and feel fantastic.

  3. Staying fit is one of the most positive things we can do for our health. It underpins our physical health, improves our mental capacity and reinforces our emotional resilience. (Source:World Health Organisation)

What do you get from training with fitness@flagstaff ?

  1. Adrian offers you the personalised attention of a qualified master trainer.

  2. Each session is carefully planned to ensure you get variety, personal challenges and a rewarding workout (no matter what your fitness level and ability).

  3. You get to train in a team-like atmosphere, offering encouragement and mutual support, in a welcoming, professional environment.

  4. You get connections... with the local community, the outdoors and yourself.

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